Arms suits from GITS

Ghost in the shell exoskeleton

>no finger posing


Those models are not made by me!
I only ragdolled them.

converted from “X operations” custom contents

model/skin: tunderera



They look really cool! Downloaded :dance:

haha, cool!

Ha ha ha! These look pretty bad ass, you have my download. ^^

Holy shit, that’s kickass!

These look pretty cool. I can’t use them, but I’m sure someone can. Good job!

looks like a really cool fucking bad ass samus!

Could you make a version without the 2 small arms?

Inflate/deflate them.

Holy shit that is a sweet suit.

We need more badass stuff like this in gmod!

Oh hell yes, I wanted this.

Also, what the hell is up with lately, the download speeds are just atrocious.

It’s going to take almost half an hour to download a 1.9mb file.

Sorry but I will not do that,so please love his cute small arms.

I see. where should I up-load this?

This looks badass. Really like this kinda of stuff.

From what i can see it doesn’t have fingerposing? And the two small arms are not ragdolled?

Megaupload or Filefront.

Those two functions were omitted due to my lack of skill.
If someone could add them,It would be great.

Thank you for your info!

I added new links
I will add filefront link from next release.

Well i could try, but later i will check how the ragdoll is if it’s not to stiff or anything.

What else can we get from GITS? What about that helicopter? What was it? Started with a J >_<

you mean Jigabachi :slight_smile:

Yeah that is the one.