Army Men escaping a crashed helicopter

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Made this a few days ago, I worked hard on this trying to takeaway any bit of so called CONTRAST RAAAAPE.

Pose is very well made. The black guy is the best because he looks confused on what just happened. Don’t see how you can say its Contrast rape, my eyes are fine

The contrast looks excellent with the great posing.

VC Thread music over there!

Nice pose

100 views and three replies, Anyone else have anything to say?

As always, nice build and edit. The rain isn’t appearing to be very visible though.
Black guy’s like:
“Am I dead?”

<3 DanKa’

Maybe the blades could be damaged from the impact

cool pic anyways

The saturation is odd.

I was expecting this.

Good job :smiley:
Looks realistic on the posing part ^^