Army Men Gametype

I’m looking for someone to LUA code a gametype for me. I’ll allow for some creativity here but I require a few things:

  1. Plastic toy soldiers, not regular ones
  2. Multiple colors (green, tan, etc.)
  3. NPCs (soldiers, planes, tanks, helicopters, anything else you can think of, but keep it simple)
  4. Scrap plastic harvesting (or dropping) to use as a currency
  5. Vendors to buy weapons and vehicles from
  6. A vendor to change the color of plastic
  7. An inventory that saves between games, to keep someone from buying the same gun over and over

If you can, reskin models so that you are a toy soldier, and you are shooting a plastic gun
Scrap plastic colors and color changer vendor are OPTIONAL, but appreciated

Willing to tip

wrong section.

So you want a lua coder to make a complete gamemode for you, and then you take full credits for it? NO thanks.

I’ll make it for you np, for $50 plus 50% of all donations that you get and preferably super owner on the server and if you want complete rights to the gamemode, an extra $100. That’s my standard costs for full sized gamemodes. I use nexus base and will also help you set up the entire server plus all gamemodes that I make come complimentary with my anti-theft scripts built in.


You’d be shocked how many people have hired me to make gamemodes for them.

Yeah, probably a twelve year old that had a medeocre idea…

Ill hire anybody that maps for an unspecified project ( Kinda keeping the main plot a secret )

Wrong section ( for me! ) :slight_smile:

I actually do mapping if you need something.

Erm sorry, I meant to type modelling, wven if its just cutting weapons apart and assembling them in a differant way.

Ah ok, yea modelers are in way too short a supply in the garrysmod community.