Army men Plastic guys

I know there are alot of threads with this but if it is no truble i am looking for a modeler that could rigg a few models from this game.


And they are crappy textures and models, But i really want them. You will not need the game to rig. this is the download link to the game.
It is a small game because it is old, If you are going to rigg them the models are under Data.
Thank you :slight_smile:

There’s already plastic army men available.

The DOD:S and the little army men? i have thoose i am finding someone to rigg from a Real Army men.

I don’t understand why you would want to do that.

Because havent you seen all that other poor stuff rigged that turned out to be such a big success?

Grab a miltary model, go to materials make it Shiny White or that dull white.
use the paint tool.


I Think he’s trying to say he wants ragdolls from the Army Men series, the specific characters and props from the game, like Sargent Hawk, Vickki, Plastro, etc.

I could be wrong though.

Oh that’s different then.

See that is what i want. My english is bad because i dont get tought in school.

Just use normal soldier models and make them pure green, then attach some flat prop (PHX?) to the feet.