Army/Military Wars.

I have tried this idea already, but I REALLY suck at coding. :stuck_out_tongue:

The theme is the British Army, vs the US Army, each team having classes.

So like RP, you can press F4 and choose between the following:

American Soldier
British Soldier
American Sniper
British Sniper
American Demoliton
British Demoliton
American Leader
British Leader
American SpecOps
British SpecOps
American Medic
British Medic
and lastly, Spectator. :slight_smile:

Each job, obviously having specific roles and different weapons.

The different teams would be easily distinguished by having the US army has a beige camo, and having the British army in cadpat camo.

Each team would have a safety zone, and their own frontline.
I was also thinking of having entities that can be purchased by certain jobs, like certain weapons. (i.e. - Mortars, Mounted Machine Guns, Shields.)

Vehicles such as jeeps, tanks could MAYBE? be put in. But i doubt it. Just my ideas. ^.^

I think thats all, any pros and cons please name them.


Reply if you could make this.


Sounds like DarkRP but only with american and british jobs.

Pretty much. but it will have different maps, different playermodels etc. Would be pretty cool! :slight_smile:


could you design the coding needed to make the jobs I described? You any good at editing the DarkRP shared.lua?

its called


Only thing I can do is beta testing.

not really