Army Of One (M4A1 shooting test)


Quite cool looking, the only issues I can see are that he seems to be posed a little too “lightly” (It doesn’t look like he is being affected by the recoil, maybe if he had the gun more in his armpit it would look better) and the motion blur doesn’t look like it is going in the right direction (have it moving backwards, not off to the side)

Other than that, the muzzle flash looks good and the contrast is cool looking :3:

Hip fire badassery

Thank you, guys! More comments anyone? :slight_smile:

here i am

same of first comment


I like!
the only thing really any bit wrong is that he does look like he’s holding it a bit loosely.

Thank you! Nice that you like it. :3:

Nicely done there Slayer the editing looks sweet.
Some of you have mentioned about the way he’s holding the rifle but I think its fine because if anyone here has played Army of Two you’ll know that Salem is the ‘hot head’ of the two and thinks he’s invincible and that he’s a badass so I think the pose works well considering Salem’s charater.

P.S The Salem model from Army of Two (in his light armor) did you port the model or did someone else?

I did not port it, i download them (Salem and Rios) here:
And thank you! :3:

You sir are a legend and that you have just made my day. Thats all that needs to be said.

Is it just me or are all posts on facepunch being automactically rated dumb or is it just me

Yes, some asshole has script that rates every post as dumb.

Actually I’ll have to say I don’t like it as much as I could. Motion blur and darkness and that is cool, but it conveniently hides everything of the pose and mostly the screenie at all that I could comment on.

There’s nothing cardinally wrong, though, and it’s a pretty picture. I just don’t like being robbed of my ability to form a proper opinion.

Moar comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good use of Rio :smiley:

Motion blur is shit, muzzle flash looks out of place.

Uhm ok. I don’t see this problems, well it’s your opinion.