Army of Two

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: P

Oh man, I love that game.

The picture is beautiful but, have you forgot to turn up your graphic?

Jesus christ, you need to learn the definition of awful jpeg quality. It really looks like you were trying to save the picture in the lowest possible quality.

this pic jpeg quality 100 ;

I meant when saving the edited picture in photoshop. Put the quality to 12/maximum.

oh I see thankyou sir

Why did it take you so long to realise this? I swear I’ve mentioned it in every single one of your threads.

The picture might be decent if it was higher-quality, but I can barely see any detail in it at all so there’s no way of telling.

I did not know, set in photoshop

Yeah, the quality has always been a little bit low in your pics, but nice pic.

The grass looks awful. I think the models fit into a more urban setting better.