Army Ranger walks the sewers + BONUS

i made this after gettung jason’s CodMW2 models. I had to pose them :3

About 2 seconds later

^^This is why there is an empty space^^
I was planning on it being the main picture

Did sort of a sucky job on the predator IMO.

A little Small pics.

(on another note: Wazzup ice, didn’t expect to see you here.)

I don’t know much about guns but I don’t think your supposed to hold the clip

jpeg quality could be better and the posing too

Actually the m4 and g35c are made so that you can hold the clip in order to feel the bullets leave the magazine. It helps make sure the gun it feeding the bullets properly and you can feel when your out of shots. I would suppose the ak would work the same way. Ive seen it been done on some custom skins for css.

Also at coco I made them a bit smaller because
1.) it decreases loading time by alot.
and 2.) My PC has NO antialsing what so ever so decreasing the size a bit cuts out the nasty edges that make it looke like it was drawn in ms paint. Also you didn’t expect to see me here? … wait do I know you?


Thank you… pretty much all of those.

The left hand is suppose to be gripping on the wooden grip in the front of the gun, not the magazine

Actually, it’s quite common to support your weapon by holding the magazine. It’s also easier to pose it that way.

Well, not directly, but you shoulde’ve seen me posting around in the MsPaint section.

Predators cant float

Damn… it’s gonna hurt like fuck when he fires that rifle with the stock rammed into his sternum. Also, there’s a big difference between holding a rifle at the magazine and holding at the mag-well.