Arnold Schwarzenegger skin / ragdoll

I’d like to request a skin (or ragdoll) that really looks like Arnold.

He should either be like:

John Matrix from Commando

or Jack Slater from Last Action Hero

Wasn’t there one released just recently that looked alot like him?

I don’t know, but if you search for ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ on, you get only two results, of which the first one looks like a regular ragdoll and the second one looks more like Chuck Norris in the face.

I also found a reskin of Barney’s face on FPSBanana, but i want it to look like Arnie in his whole body.

I support and i found that:

He come from the mod “terminator apocalypse” BUT !!! This project will not be developed any further. It is abandoned by its developers ! So we will never see the release of this model.

So if someone is connected to one of the guys of the project, or if someone (speaking better English than me) do not mind going to negotiate to try to get the models that would be great!

And just imagine you met him in a dark alley…

hey the admin for the Star Wars mod they’re working on is german… you could probably negotiate w/ him.