Arnold shwarteneger port

Can anyone port arnold from the old terminator game

cause I mean who didn’t enjoy the terminator before he went from I’ll be back to oh my back lol


Old game? what? pic from it? or is that it?

If so, you must be retarded if you think we can port from real life footage.

The old terminator game not the movie I can’t remember the name but ithink it was for the xbox pc and ps2 I just put the pic up for a reference

OH, the T3 one right? i had that.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Please spell Arny’s name correct :saddowns:. Sounds like a great idea though.

Me too I liked that game

I absolutely want this in gmod

Joazzz was working on changing a citizens model and making him into arnold. It was in the model/skin thread, don’t know how done it is. It’s a possibility if no one wants to port it.


Wow, I just googled the game and that Arnold model is sex, I hope someone ports it.