Around once a day, almost everyone is dropped from the server

I don’t really know when it started happening or what is causing it, but it seems to be happening once a day at random times in which almost every player, not quite all, is kicked for this reason:

Dropped NAME from server (Client left game (Steam auth ticket has been canceled)

Has anyone else experienced this issue? It’s occurring on a server with multiple gamemodes and after reading the console, does not seem to be happening on one in particular, so any advice would be really helpful here.

I don’t have an actual solution, but you could try launching your servers with the -insecure flag to disable VAC. Then watch your servers and see if the problem persists.

Are you on a particular game server provider?

OVH. We also run a TTT server off the same dedi but I’ve never seen it happen there.

Ah, okay. I could do that for a day to see if anything changes, although I’d be a bit hesitant to, since wouldn’t make the server inviting to hackers?

VAC does nothing in GMod anymore.

Or at the least, very little. I think it does something to stop some form of C++ hacks, but it’s basically worthless in GMod.

yep :frowning:

Turning off VAC addressed this issue for me. Like others have said, VAC doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot anymore(For gmod at least) so its not a big loss to turn it off.

I disabled VAC and while it’s not happening so frequently and dropping nearly the entire server, there have been a few times where multiple people still get dropped.

Does anyone else have the same issue?

I had a similar issue with TF2, where about 90% players were dropped from the server. This usually resulted in the client crashing. Never got round to fixing it. Sounds like a VAC server issue.

It happens when my server maxes a core and freezes.

I think this would be the perfect time for valve to swoop in and make a multi-core optimized SRCDS.