(ARP) Serious Role Play

(ARP) Serious Role Play
Steam Group: www.steamcommunity.com/groups/AdvancedRP
Forum: www.AdvancedRP.darkbb.com
Server Address:

Gamemode: DarkRP 2.4.X A varient of DarkRP


1. 9 Manually made jobs Not with Classmaker.
2. Realistic Not overly Realistic weapons that require you to aim before you shoot.
3. Extensive Playermodel selections for some Jobs.
4. Expensive weapons/drugs to reduce RDM and other etc.
5. Mobboss/Gangster Job’s are gone so that the user can choose their lifestyle according to their playermodel.
6. No Toolgun VIP Only, to join you must pay a one time fee of $5

Soon to be Features:
1. Growable Marajuana.
2. NPC’s that buy certian Items.
3. Custom Money Printer.
4. Possibly more Jobs.
5. Small Vehicles That will properly fit onto the small streets.

What you gave us was posed pictures with some dude without an RP name,
You are also using Dark RP, and calling it serious.

I hardly doubt this RP is serious, I bet its another derp fest with 10 year olds screaming over the mic about how a black guy stole their money printers.

All in all, another generic Dark RP.

Well to respond to your answer I tell you this.
This IS a Serious RP, all major rules apply and apply correctly The gamemode does not decide the seriousness, the owner does.
10 Year olds will NOT be screaming over the mic. or they will be muted, permenantly No Tolerance Policy
Sure you have been to plenty of FailRP DarkRP servers out there but you must know that it’s not a bad gamemode, it just attracts alot of trolls simply because it is the most used Roleplay gamemode.
Yet I say, this is no where near a generic Dark Roleplay, have a nice day, hope to see you soon.

it was realy quite nice. there where no minges, no trolls, and NO idiots.
it was serious no rdm, no douching of any sort. all in all it was great.

I saw the title, thought this could be somethig, saw the thread and what script it uses, posted this comment and left the thread.

-Snip Sigh-

Trolls are a no tolerance policy, you must understand that WE are serious, and we will be permenantly.
Any past expierences that you may have had are now gone, and this, is the real Roleplay.

Stopped reading at DarkRP, and latest DarkRP version… :barf: I’m like 10 versions back becuse its alot easier to RP on that, all i see on the pictures is some poses

Don’t judge a book by its cover Tobba, not the smartest decision.

ok to all you people who are ganna post this sucks. did you even try it first or did you just look go oh a server, i hate it. try it first. then comment, and i dont mean go on for one second i mean TRY it.

if a book’s cover is obviously trying to make the book look like something it isn’t (screenshots are just ragdoll poses with you in them) I don’t need to read it


obvious alt of knightvista
try again

and if an RP server has to rely on screenshots of posed ragdolls with just 1 actual player I think anyone should have the right to hate it from the start.

Its new, what do you expect? and no, that is not a duplicate, just a friend, as you can see in the screen shots.

DarkRP on rp_downtown_v2 I doubt it comes close to serious

Yet again, another person that has no clue whats going on.

I know exactly what is going on.

Need I explain?

Yes explain, even though your going to give me a loosely based excuse on how my server in your terms is full of 10 year old whiney kids, that won’t be a serious rp, now, Need I explain what this really is? Or can you just read above.

realy people you think im him. thats sad. well to let you know its only using dark rp as a base and it is in te begining of being made great. its still good. it will get better when its done. for all of you that say its boring. thats cuz all of you idiots dont invite friends and so there arnt many people. when there are more people its more fin so. your on and you invite friends= FUN. now stfu and have fucking fun.


Sorry dude but no one takes DarkRP serious. If you want a “Serious” roleplay server I suggest making your own gamemode. Either that or work with Cider which is a pain in the ass. And to add to that, your using Downtown… You have me on steam and I would be more then happy to help you get it running.

Bottom line is your never going to get anywhere using DarkRP.

I like how the OP has failed to say why all of the screenshots just have posed ragdolls and one person.

Your server is DarkRP and on downtown v2, I can pretty much say it’s unserious.