**Hey Fellow Mappers! **

This is a creation of the Cordon from STALKER ( ClearSky/SoC ) that I’ve been working on for quite a while. This is the current Version of the map, as I am still working on bug fixes, and expanding on it. I’ve hit a lot of the hammer restrictions with this map and couldn’t expand any further south than the Loner Village, thus you’ll notice it doesn’t feature the southern UKM Outpost.

I do not have plans of adding in that checkpoint, as it would fall outside the hammer bounds.
If you notice any bugs, feel free to let me know so I can make sure it gets fixed as this is still a WIP. This was initially made for AnomalyRp.

Features Key Points from TheCordon:
Southern Loner Village
Grain Mill
UKM North Outpost
Vehicle Station(Carpark)

**Screenshots: **[/t][t][/t]

**Credits: **
Hostel for his materials/models packs.
z-o-m-b-i-e for his Stalker prop ports.
JFK for helping with recreating a few of the buildings in the Vehicle Station.
Snaggy, Vitter, Sinep - Bug Checking. You shouldn’t find any missing materials.

**Download: **

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Holy Snorks! This is amazing!
Can’t wait to wander around. :speedfap:

This map would really benefit with different lighting and foliage models. The ported foliage from stalker is terrible.

i don’t find much issue with the foliage tbh, the lighting does need to be toned down a bit, its too bright and washed out for stalker

Edit the vmts for the leaves and replace $translucent 1 with

$alphatest 1
$alphatestreference .5
$allowalphatocoverage 1

My immersion in StalkerRP And Gmod poses can now be even more immersive

I really like this map. I like the textures, the lighting, and overall theme. I also like how the layout makes the map seem very expansive, plain and empty - while still being packed with interesting locations - even within the limits of Source.

However, I do have a few gripes:

  • The bloom is far too high.
  • It’s very easy to go somewhere you aren’t meant to go - there need to be more fences and invisible walls or other restrictions, for instance at the back door of the house near the road; The back door leads directly out to somewhere where the limited nature of the map is far too obvious. The doorway needs to be sealed up. Near the Valley, the fence ends near the entrance, allowing players to walk through it and see the edge of the world. Since there are already a lot of fences, adding more to completely wall off the edge of the world would be very nice and add a little bit extra to immersion.
  • The destructible fences in the village ruin the map when they get destroyed. On a server, it could be a very long time before the map resets and their absence takes away a lot from the atmosphere of the map.
  • Similarly, the destructible barrels could be very easily exploited on a server. They shouldn’t explode, though I like the way some barrels are physics props - the red barrels could be replaced by them or become similar in properties to them.
  • The workshop page needs a little work; while your map itself is of a very high quality, the low effort in the workshop page could put some people off. For instance, a little bit of information about the map would be very helpful.

EDIT: Also, the starting house’s roof can be accessed via jumping on the APC and sprint-jumping into the window. You can see a nodraw surface. Maybe give the room the floor, or board up the windows. The player can also simply vault over many of the fences - consider adding a playerclip brush or something like that to stop players from getting places they shouldn’t be.

Is the map AI Noded/Nav Mesh?
I get sick of seeing great RP maps that suffer from missing these two things.

Also as others have said you need to put more information into the workshop addon description.

Did you compile with -staticproppolys and -staticproplighting? Tons of objects dont look like they are casting any shadows, or even receiving any.

if your having problems with people breaking all the cool shit on the map then add this script to your server:

hook.Add( "InitPostEntity", "no_smashy_my_cool_shit", function()
	for _, e in pairs(ents.GetAll()) do
		if e:GetClass() == "prop_dynamic" or e:GetClass() == "prop_physics" or e:GetClass() == "prop_dynamic_override" then
			e.UnbreakableEnt = true
end )

hook.Add( "EntityTakeDamage", "no_smashy_my_cool_shit_2", function( e, dmg )
	if e.UnbreakableEnt then return true end

(make it serverside only btw, dont put it in a shared or cs file)