Arrest batons not working

i don’t know what happened they just stopped working


Seems to be vanilla ones for the code.

Reinstall DarkRP, if you haven’t edited them at all.

i reinstalled darkrp and put my jobrelated and stuff back in. Even worse now. Cant drop weapons or want people either

nobody knows?

Its not like we can be “oh his batons and want system doesnt work! Just change line 265 to true”… Something is broken and we dont know enough about it to help.

Someone had this problem last week. Do the divide trick on your addons and see if they’re causing an issue

i removed all of my addons. Still not working

Reinstall the gamemode

already did, read up

Have you checked your client and server consoles for any errors?

Also make sure there’s nothing problematic in your /lua or your darkrpmodicationmaster

no errors at all and i dont use darkrpmodification


Case closed.