Arrest Batton Glitch

Every 10 mins or so when you right click on the mouse, so if your aiming a gun or freezing a prop etc. if you have the unarrest batton swep it will change your weapon to the unarrest swep and will take 30 seconds to change weapon back ? any help ?

Doesn’t happen with vanilla DarkRP evidently. Did you replace the batons? Are you using the latest version?

I think its a bug with FA:S weapons

Yet again people thinking GMod is literally DarkRP. :suicide:

EDIT: And posting in the wrong section.

im using M9k

Alls servers i’ve seen has this problem.
This is not the Weapon Pack.

Maybe a very common addon ?

There would be more people complaining about it if it was a very common addon. The trick to finding out which addon is conflicting, is to remove 1 addon at a time until the glitch disappears.

Make sure your DarkRP is up-to-date. This should be impossible in the latest version.