Arrest this man, he talks in maths, he buzzes like a fridge, he's like a detuned radio

arrest this man, he talks in cryptic riddles, he unlocks the mysteries of the universe, he lifts the anchor on your soul, he’s like a wise old sage

dat normalmap.

Really cool lighting. The lovely normalmap has really helped you out here.

Ok, this title even I don’t get.

I like the colors on this one better than some of your other recent stuff. It works much better when you mix in some blues to compliment the harsh oranges and reds.

title means
man is robot.

Keep it up.
Although next time, try adding lighting to the surroundings that the flash would make.

i love them ;3

Fantastic as always

To be honest I can barely see a gun there. It’s almost as if the citizen is dodging the CP’s flashlight beam.

“Not the flashlight! IT BURNS!!!”

Must be your monitor then, because I can see it quite clearly.
Seeing that the slide is stainless and there’s some black under the barrel I’d guess it’s a match USP, but that’s enough to know that it isn’t a flashlight.


I’m sorry man but he’s right, it’s mostly a normalmap


It’s very pretty but i can’t see the pistol in his hand & he’s kind of grabbing around too far with his righ hand around his other hand

there is a pistol in his hand rather clearly

I hate your titles. Seriously. They sound like intellectual masturbation and they are far beyond descriptive.

It’s an okay picture, nothing special about it. I like what you did with the blur.

I’m sorry but “metrocop shooting man kill dead shoot bullet pistol GORE” isn’t my style

thanks for the compliment