arrow count on hotbar

is there anyway we can get a ammo count on your arrows on the hotbar? amount of times i craft a bunch and farm animals and run out when that barking bear runs at you.

Would be handy but in the meantime you could just move your arrows on to the hotbar?

True that. Still would be very neat to have the number displayed on the Bow hotbar.

do you have eyes in the back of your head in real life or a digital sensor telling you how many arrows you have in your quiver???

Last time I was at a shooting range in murica, I didn’t see a counter on the 9mm either.

I would like something better: arrows stack like bullets. Don’t pull that realism crap either. If foundations, pillars, stairs, etc can stack to 250, then so should arrows. It also doesn’t make sense that window bars and doors don’t stack to 250 either.

You want to simplify the game. This makes PVE easier. Why?

if you really want to farm a good spot with the durability now added your inventory will have 30-50 arrows in stacks of 10, plus another 5-10 hatchets, plus food, guns /bullets for protection. resources you gather pick axes, your inventory becomes quite crowed. Now im not asking for extra space or a quiver or stuff like that, just a simple number below the bow to say how many arrows you got. you have to be careful what you have in ur inventory now. All guns tell you how many shots you got left, why not a the bow? its still a weapon.

Honestly I would rather have arrows be used out of one stack at a time instead of pulling one from each stack

Its a bit different since the gun reloads whereas arrows come straight out of the inventory. The bow doesnt have a clip so in essence it would always show a value of one. I still would like the number added though. Its essentially yhe same idea as having the number in the clip with a gun

Or just open the inventory and check the amount. Just take 2 seconds…but too much work eh?

Yeah take the time to open your inventory then count all the 12 stacks of arrows that are stacked 2-3. Then you would have to start stacking them to 10. Mean while while your doing that you are open to easy attacks.

If a person can fit 300-400 arrows in their inventory why not let us consolidate them then. If they stacked to 250 I wouldn’t have a problem with opening my inventory to check real quick. Or even having it sit on my hot bar.

If you don’t want people being able to carry 1k+ arrows around make a quiver slot that has a max carrying capacity of 100-200 arrows. If someone wants to bring more they can and just refill the quiver with whats sitting in their inventory.

How about not only on the bow, but on all weapons?

arrows should stack higher

I agree with the logic that the arrow stacks are too low, I also agree that for each stack I have it shouldn’t take one from each stack. as far as a number on the bow, i don’t think so. I really think they just need to add a quiver for all your arrows which would reflect the number there. BTW the numbers on the weapons are remaining in the clip, not what is in your inventory.

I would think they would resolve this someway, it is in Alpha.

I also agree that looking in your inventory leaves you open for an attack.

I vote for quiver and a number on the quiver and be done with it.

I agree with the last part, but it still takes 2 sec’s to look if i can kill one or two more bears or not. So no need to get an arrow counter somewhere in the ui. And heck just sort your inventory when u are @ home, crafting or something like that. -.-