SAS and explosions. A good combination in my book.

Side note: the guy on the left is the only one that had finger posing.

They all have bad finger posing, i’m afraid. it’s so overcontrasted that i can’t see shit, and you seriously need to improve your posing. atm it’s very stiff and unrealistic. try standing up and striking different poses and looking into a mirror or something to see how the poses are made realistically.

Learn to read. I said the guy on the left is the only one with finger posing ability.

oops my bad. or not really, use some other models then. there’s plenty of them out there with finger posing.

and i can read really good, thank you very much.

Unless you’re unable to read the OP.

Really nice screenshot, I think the sparks don’t fit the image though. Too bad those ain’t fingerposable.

but i missed it :frowning: