Art Deco City Maps

I have been thinking, maybe we should start making cities thoughtout history like for example Art Deco, 1940’s and 60’s, perfect for la noir and skullgirls pics and machinimas

why don’t you start then?

“We”? So are you simply putting a suggestion out to the community because this would have done 10x better if it was an interactive map like garrys mall or that apartment one.

Sorry, I did forgot to add details to the idea, but yes, something interactive, like Garry’s Mall, a town,Apartment, perhaps maybe also the old movie theaters that used to show WWII news reels, maybe also something like a 1940’s interactive world fair?

You’re still not making much sense. Edit the OP with the idea and make it all competition esque, maybe the idea can be that everyone gets a patch of land in a set boundary and they have to make something from a certain time/date.

perhaps these images may give you an idea

The competitive part is either, war-time, post-war, pre-war and examples are major art deco areas such as Sand Diego, New York, and Miami

I once started an Art Deco hotel ages ago, but lost the vmf when I got a new computer and forgot to back it up :frowning:

Sorry for low quality pictures

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Based off Colony Hotel in Miami

I was thinking of making an rundown art deco darkrp map

some more inspiration:

That looks great, the style reminds me of the first player “home” on Grand Theft Auto Vice City. It is Miami afterall.

For some reason it reminds me of House of Wax or House on Haunted Hill (The newer vincent price ones)

All of the ideas look great, Im glad we’re getting the ball rolling

they all look so good

I fail to see how this is art deco.

I see it in that far right home but apart from that it just looks like a random mixture of timelines / places. It all looks very 1970 / 1980.
Plus there isn’t much detail in that picture at all, It’s just kinda Mafia 2 style.