Art Gamemode Contest Entrants!

The Art gamemode contest is over. Here are our entrants!

Art of Flight - Nevec

Paint World - cyber_cam34

Grand Theft Painting - Dlaor

Curator - LevyBreak
And map:

Entries are being judged. Our judges include grea$emonkey, Kogitsune, Devenger, and Icemaz.

Good luck people.

Good luck everyone!

Good luck to everyone that entered!

Good luck!

Good luck everyone else!

Have fine luck, chaps! :buddy:

Anyone got any intention of running multiplayer tests? I no longer have a server of my own to run things on, so I’m not sure how I can test these as they should be played.

If I may suggest, mine is best served multiplayer. And, should you choose to accept, the SVN version is always newer and better.


And good luck indeed. I personally think that paint world actually has the best chance of winning. It just has soo…much…content.

Paintworld is best served multiplayer. I have played curator on the awol servers. It is quite fun if you have friends. If you play by your self then it is like playing css with your self without bots. Pointless (not dissing ur gamemode saying that it is a multiplayer gamemode and using a refrence from another source game to provide an example lol) Same goes for paintworld.

There’s a server up with the gamemodes? What? Link plz?

Pop me a message when judging is complete. I’d like the winner to get their gift as soon as possible.

A server would be nice :confused: