Art of Flight


Art of Flight is a simple team-deathmatch gamemode. You play as a flying painting and your and your team’s only goal is to kill off the other team as many times as possible until the round timer runs out. You are equipped with only three weapons. There are, however, special powerups and devices located on the map that can aid you in either killing other paintings or preventing them from killing you.

[li] Custom HUD with custom graphics.[/li] [li] Particle and material effects, shield layers and explosions.[/li] [li] Powerups and trap-devices located through out the map.[/li] [li] Three weapons with unlimited ammo each with their benefits and downfalls.[/li] [li] Hint-like help system that documents every action the player takes.[/li][/ul]


Demo video #1


Foot notes…

More media will come soon. I will also put up a server for people to join until the judging starts. Fell free to post any comments and criticism, as well as new ideas.

I like the hud. Are they just textures or can u do that stuff in lua?

That hud is really cool keep it up. :buddy:

Most of it are textures. It is possible to draw those icons and the tf2-like panel entirely with lua, however, it would add an fps drop. Drawing textures is way faster.

Well it looks awsome.

Good luck with this.

Haha, that’s a unique approach.

Sounds interesting, but it sounds like a DM gamemode with “art” slapped on it.

And the others don’t? I see a CTF with art slapped on, another DM with art slapped on, etc.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Deathmatch is one of the most basic and widely used concepts. A lot of great games are based on the deathmatch concept.

The point of the contest is for contestants to use the theme in an original manner to get more variety into the available gamemode community.

Right, but they actually utilized artistic things. Like drawing your soldiers and bunkers. That’s creatively using the theme! If you just set your model to a painting and do a normal DM, then that’s being slapped on.

But it’s too early in the contest to draw conclusions. I’m just posting feedback based on what I see so far.


Funny. But again, this is the concept of “feedback.”

What’s wrong with that? Obviously if every entry was about drawing and museum displays, none of them would be original.

I’m not saying anything is wrong with it. Just saying it could be more artsy, but hey that’s just my opinion. That’s why I get 2-3 other judges.

This gamemode is just as much about art as the Paintball one… at least he turned everyone into paintings instead of replacing the words “bullet” with “laser paint marker” and “health” with “paint color”.

Like you said in your theme thread, art is a broad topic. Let everyone have fun with it. Besides… its not like we have a plethora of gamemodes entries crowding this forum.


Alright, I didn’t have much time to work on the entry due to school and some other stuff. However, I did tweak and bob it as much as I could over the week. And I actually managed to record a video. It’s not much, but the deadline is still far away.


Due to time constraints, I won’t be able to properly finish my entry. I worked on it as much as I could over the last few days and I’m releasing what I have now.

I’m still entering the contest, I just won’t be here for the judging.