Art of War. D:

Art Of War is really bad with potential customers. I think their service is great, but far too expensive.

I placed a message on their forums saying that Xenon Servers had a much better deal.

10 player gmod slots, fast dl server, and everything else, with Xenon being $100 cheaper. I told them if they could price match that. I don’t really remember what I posted because they deleted it. I guess they didn’t want any potential customers knowing that there was better deals elsewhere. They didn’t even make an attempt. All they did was delete it.

I have a feeling that this thread may get trolled by AoWC employees, but ignore them. I’m not saying they’re bad, just overpriced.

What do you think of Art of War? Post in poll.

It’s not really your place to go post on their forums saying they can find a cheaper deal, as most likely the customers are aware of this, however have other reasons for remaining with AoWC. They have a reputation for being a bit rubbish though.