---[ArtanesRMP]--- Sleepers | InstaCraft | AirDrops | ActiveAdmins | Doorsharing

Server IP:

Server Forums: http://www.artanesrust.com

We are a small and new server that’s looking to build up and become bigger. We treat new players easily and help them out. The admins are helpful and try don’t use commands unless necessary. We are currently running Rust++ but will likely run to Oxide in the future once it becomes more developed.


  • Friendly admins

  • Beginner Friendly

  • Admin commands aren’t used

  • Rust++

  • Doorsharing

  • Instacraft

  • Sleepers

  • Air Drops

  • Teamspeak

  • Experienced server owners

  • Server wipes only when necessary

  • Starter Kit

Server IP:

Server Forums: http://www.artanesrust.com

To connect to the server, in the main menu press F1 and type in:

net.connect ""

The Teamspeak information is located on the forums under announcements.