Artful approach to the new kind of comics (NFSW kinda)

hey, this is my first time doing a comic. it is based on real events here at FP forums.

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] (Click it)
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] (Click it)

hope you like it.

Best comic ever.

Very artful.

thanks all, I believe that the community really helped me with the thought of making this.

why is the vortiguants dick not censored? :saddowns:

You will never know…
Also, I liked the fact that the ragdolls were “actors”.

because he isn’t human, there is only rules for human dicks to be censored

The lighting on Mossman at the end was ace.

thanks, I was trying to get the atmosphere of the basement dweller fapping, with outside lights shining on his mom’s back

“NO cause u r the cock.”

Gave me chills.

it gave me the chills shining the light on mossman, with that smile, all alone in the dark.


I lol’d for God knows why.

You’re missing the point of the comic it’s artistic nudity


“No John… u R the cock!”

And then John was a penis.

I feel as though that’s an overused premise. The title states this is a new kind of comic.

I lol’d at the no signal part.

I don’t know why, but I found this amusing.

man why did u post the second one

‘NO cause u r the cock’


lmao at first comic ending