artic frost in russia

please constructive commenting

im new to photoshop so…

Image tags if ya would mate.

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Sky is a little blinding and use Anti-Aliasing
I like the blue gleam on the goggles though.

The soldiers are kinda dark, but the posing and the angle are nice.
But it should be cropped above to avoid wasting so much space on a empty sky.

thanks for constructive halp

A bit too much contrast and the blurring seems random, use super DoF in-game.

WTF how are people getting the russian models? Can someone link me?


Thanks! I love Russia :v:


where did you got those models?

Hohoho, merry xmas!


Lol, second time I do this.



have a good xmas

haha lol it was but ill do that nextime thanx


communist jesus says your awsome