ArticRust | Instacraft | DoorShare | Active Admins | Cheaters Instant Ban

General information
Me and my buddy decided we’re tired of all the hackers and cheaters on rust, and not least the admin abusers.
We aim to ban ALL hackers, there is no second chance once caught.
The server has just launched so don’t expect a lot of people on,
but this doesn’t mean it’s bad! Take advantage of it while it lasts :slight_smile:

Current Features
[/li][li]Teleport to players
[/li][li]Set home
[/li][li]Instant Crafting
[/li][li]CheatPunch Activated
[/li][li]Hackerless Community
[/li]We are looking to add more if it is requested.

How to Connect
Press F1 (ingame)
Copy and paste this: net.connect