Artificial armor.

No worries, I always try to pose daily and post. This was a really long one, Biggest edit i ever did.

** Please read this first: **
There’s not really a background story for it, I got an idea for the effects and wanted to try it, so I didn’t spend much attention to a background (Tried cover it up in photoshop, to focus attention on main character) (I also know that some stuff is off/odd)

If you don’t get whats happening with his arm etc. :
Hes activating his Artificial armor suit, Its already fully build by the drones (Flying things) exept for that lower arm, so its building there now to finish it.( The tiny beams between armor buildup and drones are building laser stuff)

About the photoshop:
I only used 1 brush for all the stuff (Lasers,drones,smoke,etc.) And that was Soft round (Ofc. various sizes)
The rest is some eraser,clone stamp and burn.
So actually this was a very simple edit, its all hand drawn/made with my tablet :dance:

Please help me with this if you can:(For future poses)
-Where can I find the spy disguise mask model in Browse? I can’t seem to find it :frowning:

( I really didn’t want to use Imgshack, but it was the only one that didn’t resize it or fuck the quality.)

** Now you shall post! **

Thank you for clicking this thread, even more thank you if you looked at all the extra info. Your awesome if you can help me find the mask.

For the spy mask you have to point at the spy and type in console “ent_fire !picker model_group <Insert Number>” or something like that.

Well the lasers look really really nice, I must say the glow around the eyepiece could use some work and the way he’s holding the gun look really weird.

Billiam you’re always wrong at everything

It’s “Ent_fire !Picker setbodygroup 1” For the spymask, it also works on Zombies for headcrabs too


Looks kinda nice

You were showing me your wip on Steam, and you also had a bit of a job explaining to me about it.

I love how you’ve done the Jinrai.

Wait, so you can spawn zombie ragdolls with headcrabs on them this way? Oh fuck yes! I never posed the headcrab zombies because it was such a pain putting the headcrabs on in a nice looking way!

Oh and, shuweet editing!

Body groups can do many things.

Gman’s briefcase removal
DoD Helmet Removal
Sniper’s hat and arrows

All sorts of useful things.

I’m in love. Gotta try this out!

Aww to much about ent_Fire!, to little about picture

At least your thread is staying on the first page.