Artillery firing

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I can’t photoshop D:


Those muzzleflashes…

155mms firing 9mms

Wtf bro!!!

are you 12

No, I do believe this is a recent photo of Swatege…just hazarding a guess there.

It’s way to empty, the muzzle flash is horribly out of place, the lighting doesn’t match what it should look like given the size of the weapons and from what I can see, the posing is not great.

Work on improving your posing and creating interesting environments for the picture before you edit anything.

Bad posing, not very interesting, horrible choice of map as it leaves too much empty and uninteresting space, and HORRIBLE MUZZLEFLASHES. Find out how to make muzzleflashes yourself if you need to and try to actually find pictures of the artillery gun firing so you know why this looks like shit.