Artillery In Roleplay.

This has been something I’ve been sitting back, and asking myself for quiet sometime… Why isn’t their artillery in roleplays like HL2RP? You may be saying, “Not much of a point” well you really have to ask yourself… What would you do if artillery was raining down on your position killing your friends, and sending gibs everywhere?

I hate having to go back and mention this… But put yourself in the shoes of an admin soldier during a WOTS. You’re sitting in a position talking to some new friends you’ve made, and as you listen to their gaming stories artillery begins raining down on your position killing these new found friends who you’ll never be able to talk over steam with again. How would a player coop with that? Would they grief the loss like in reality or just move on?

Now back to HL2RP and other RP gamemodes. Why isn’t their artillery? Artillery is a heavily psychological weapon, and is mainly used as such, but I’m trying to figure out how roleplay would be used to drop artillery shells on a position, and how would players roleplay that or how would a script fall in place?

In my view… I would love to see a group of rebels hook up a makeshift mortar, and begin dropping explosive shells on a combine camp. It would be insane, but crazy to watch. Maybe add a few players being set on fire by inflammable items nearby, and you would have a somewhat realistic warzone.

From personal use I remember playing on Dark RP servers, and using wire explosive artillery to make gangs hunker down into the yellow warehouse, and cause damage which ends up forcing them to surrender after a period of time. Before you ask… I’ve never actually had artillery dropped on me in Dark RP. I only remember using artillery, and I had groups of two to three players stepping forward, and asking to be arrested or begging for the artillery to stop raining down on them.

Ack… Well that is all.

When I play as a supervillian, I use rollermines to invade an area like the PD or the apartments. One hell of an effect.

It wouldn’t work in HL2RP, before RPing your reaction to a single mortar, about 10 other mortars have blown you to bits.

Organized Artillery fire would be a cool thing to see in a RP/Sandbox server.

Probably true… People would just bind shit, and make an onslaught of shit outta it.

how the fuck would you ‘rp a reaction’, /me looks at mortar. ?

that’s fucking retarded

Unless it was added to script you would probably have to rp, “/me grips ears as the ring loudly from the sound of mortar strikes”

boring shit rp

Meh. Point taken. Like I said they should have it scripted to have an annoying buzz sound play into your headset when an artillery shell hits close by.

Maybe the headcrab canister tool can be possibly used in servers, but I’m not sure…the headcrabs would get too annoying.

Doesn’t have to be headcrabs. Could be just regular wire explosives or propelled oil canisters.

First of all, what

second of all nope it’s not very psychological because it’s a game the reaction would be more like “which cunt turned the artillery on again jesus (((oh wait I’m in a building I’m fine))))))))” and not “oh nO ARTILLERY /ME IS KIND OF SCAREEEDDDD”


“Like, Scoooobbb did you hear that???” “ROH NO”

Haha. I adore the last comment… Gives me some nostalgia. But what could be done to make it more psychological in a game?

It’s probably not possible

If it was a real WOTS… How big of a psychological effect you think it would be?

Yeah it is

Not really

Man, some people need to shut the fuck up. Its actually a good idea.

Aren’t people entitled to their own opinions? I personally feel it would be like the meteorite berrage; fun the first time, extremely annoying after that.

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