Artillery Mech Kaukokivääri

What I have here is a mech. Not one of them quick walking chipped mechs that basically are speedy as hell and shoot you up, but instead, a slow, badly manouverable, keypad-controlled bad looking artillery/cover fire mech.

The mech is called “Kaukokivääri”, which means “Long-Range Rifle” in Finnish. That’s what it is: A mech with long range weaponry.

The reasons as to why I made such a mech are as follows:

  1. It hadn’t really been done yet
  2. My other mech attempts couldn’t stand up, and that was bad, so I decided to go with a low mech with high weight. It worked.

The Kaukokivääri is fully armed with three weapons:

Two machine guns attached to the lower front, useful for anti-personnell combat, but aside from that, nigh-useless. These things do almost no damage against any kind of prop.

Two shoulder(!?) mounted mortars. These are for death from above. Inaccurate. Mostly useful for cover fire.

Finally, the Kaukokivääri’s main armament: The cannon. It’s basically… Just a cannon, really. Don’t fire it at close quarters unless you want to have yourself be caught in the explosion, completely screwing you over. Can be aimed forwards or upwards.

For manouverability, the Kaukokivääri is as fast as a brick: Not very fast at all. It can go forwards and backwards and turn, and can also do this sort of flying manouver:

However, this is to be used only for very short periods of airtime, as the mech doesn’t really stay stable while midair. I should go about fixing that.

Now, a video:


I guess they look… Interesting.

what a lil cutie ther

I can honestly say that at first I was going to make fun of this mech. But then I saw the video and I fell in love with it. How can I own a cutie like this???

The texture choic isn’t really great.
And does it move?

I can honestly say vomit green is not a good color to paint anything.

It looks cute, alibeit a bit slow in the movement department.

Huh. Didn’t expect such a…
…Calling it cute.
I guess that counts as positive feedback.

Anyways, yes, Banned person, it does move. If you had looked at the video, you would have seen that.

Madman, you’re completely right. I’m really bad at painting things. I tried to make it sort of dark yellow, but it came out wrong.

The slowness is there because I wanted it to be slow. While in the video I use the mech for taking out some combines at low range, it was really built for giving cover fire while some of them chip mechs go about and do some actual damage.

Hey its a walking penis ;O
I lul’d, its quite cool, I like how the door/ramp opened.

Well, if you can’t decie on a color, paint it black.

Also, experiment with the Materials STool. It can work wonders for the overall appearance.

Its cool i guess, I understand you dont wanna use the chip, but even old mechs without it can move pretty well, a bit better than you did, If your gonna use everything but the chip i suggest hydraulics and elastics. Good job though.

Actually, I was going to make a mech with the chip, but…
I kind of…
Sort of…
Can’t really figure it out.
So, I ended up making this!

If and when I do figure the chip properly out, I’ll make another mech. That will probably work better than this.

If I don’t, I’ll just make a thousand variations for this. Artillery mechs in Space? Underwater? Flying?

Try underwater, thats new.

Its ugly

just cuz you took over india with 3 squads of riflemen doesn’t make you a god.

awesome nice job

Yeah…it looks cute.

Start blasting CaramellDansen to your enemies and you’re going to own everything in sight.

If this is Kaukokivääri, I wonder how big Kaukotykki would be…

Hey i actually think you did a really good job on this i was actually surprised at how smoothly it walks- still slow but it would have looked weird if it walked fast with those small legs. good job :smiley:

hey is there any way i can get the mech chip from you or someone if you have it? Ive been wanting to make a mech but i didn’t know there was a common chip people knew about. well thank you if you can find me a link for it or whatnot. bye :stuck_out_tongue:

Well there’s sestze’s hip based walking chip. If you want to go all wirey and shit. :slight_smile: