Artillery Shell model :S


Could someone ‘please’ make me a artillery shell model for garrys mod for a project that I am doing… rather a artillery shell like this:,r:14,s:51&tx=115&ty=8

With a silver tip at the top of it and a yellow bottom.

Jaffa cake for whoever does it and a thanks :smile:

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Clue for the project im doing, my avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

If you download Nuke Pack 4
It has an Artillery shell almost exactly what you are looking for.

That’s a bomb silly

I know :smile: just saying he could use it if he is really stuck.

Wrong section.

Should be in Models/Skins section under Requests.

Thats not what I want… + its too big to fit in a ‘Atomic Cannon’ :smile::smile:

Well because ive told you its for a atomic cannon, this is the exact one im looking for:

the artillery shell right near the beginning. Thanks?

Do you know how I could edit that model? :S

Can’t without the owners permission.