Artist Needed !

Im now looking for an artist to draw up plans for a garrysmod rp map im looking to make …
if you wanna help i can give you a list of what i need if you draw up plans for the whole map including building shapes and blueprints
if you would like to help add me on steam or email me …
steam: conn08

And what is so convincing that will make people draw plans for you?

I dont know but i really need a planner/blueprint maker to draw this map and buildings with the shapes of the buildings etc

Try looking at other RP maps, it makes it a lot easier to come up with things to put in.

If it’s a city you can always go by these guidelines:

Factories-big open spaces

Etc. pictures, and looking at other maps always help me get more creative.

Adding onto what hl2phobic said, there was a wiki for roleplay maps… like what you should add. Can’t find it though.

Anyway, just look at current roleplay maps, and think of a design yourself.