Artistic Gore Posing

post your artistic Gore Posing in this thered.

Post something goree, like a Zombie cuted in half or somthing it just needs to be goree.

Heres my Gorre Posing:

Why is blood spouting out of the elite’s arm?

And ehh… Artistic Gore is kinda… sort of like an oxymoron.

This thread idea is dumb.

The picture is pretty terrible. It doesn’t make any sense and the lack of fingerposing is obvious.

to make it look realistic and Goree.

this thered is for people who like to pose or create something goree

I don’t get this thread.

you know what you’re right.

i’m just so board. il remove this thered

In before “How do I remove this thread?”.

“Cute in half” Eh?

Like this?

I loled.

I try.

I dont get the purpose of the thread :confused: if you meant really bloody shit, we already have the Shocking poses megathread for that.

This is the thread you want, kinda dissapointing until about the third or fourth page.

(Yes, I made it)

Brb, gonna make a new pose to go with it.

You can’t. Only moderator can, so you are stuck with it. Haha hahaha HAHAHA HAHAHA

Eh sorry.

I know that, I was explaining the fact that he probably doesn’t know that he CAN’T delete his thread.

i was like “what” to the thread title