Artistic images - single word collaboration

I decided I wanted to make some pictures that I could describe in one word, so here I am;

I’ve posted the first ten images now, but more will come. Expect at least 3 more by the end of the tomorrow. Possibly a few more today.
Pictures so far;




All images were made and posed in Garry’s mod, then later edited in photoshop.

Aurora: (Taken in cs_office believe it or not)

Four: (Not too artsy, more just cool)






Crash: (Not too happy about this one)

Post/rate your opinion. :v:

You suck dick.

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‘Escape’ needs AA really badly.

The door, get out it.

Also some are really artistic but need posing tweaks.

Well, any ideas on how I can improve then?

I actually like the last one,with the car crash.

I liked most of them, altough some needs some posing tweeks

Posing is hard, but I can’t say I didn’t use time on it. If only there was an easier system…


Added another image. Possibly the last one today. Might do another today, but I’ll defiantly continue tomorrow.

looks cool =D


whats bad about it? nothing.

Which images?

Superior, Contact and Inhuman are the best in my opinion but Inhuman could use with a sort of darkening effect :wink:

Like the one I added?

Yea that’s allot better :smiley:

What color tint did you use for CS_Office?

Post processing effects:

Red contrast, slight bloom, darker, tiny blur, lower FOV.

Photoshop effects:

Aurora Borealis sky accompanied by blue mountains that fit the FOV of the image. A few other effects, a bit cropping and cutting. -Rain; Pointilize, threshold, invert, screen, radial blur zoom.


Photoshop has this weird error where none of the tools are working, yet I could still move around the canvas with the hand tool - I decided that was a nice place to cut for the day - any help regarding that subject appreciated.

Woah, pretty cool! Love’em!! :smiley:

what’s the point to create an account just to be banned?

anyway i like pretty much all of them…
although the Consumption’s blood looks a bit too…lightish?

I had made an alternete version with a bit darker blood. Here it is;


Also, I might add this;

I like the new effect you’ve added to Consumption.
Looks a bit more Gothic in a way.

I wouldn’t call any of these artistic. A couple are okay, a couple are posed quite badly and a couple just strike me as pretentious.