Artistical admiration/advice/criticism needed

Hi y’all!

I just finished this little vector-graphical creation portrayed below, and would love to hear this community’s opinion. I would especially like to hear some constructive criticism pertaining flaws and possible improvements.

Thank you in advance!

The wireframe:

Some model stats:
Polies: 4k
Triangles: 7k
Texture res: 512x512

Could you render it? First picture seems like a bad drawing.

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Also, what is it supposed to be?

An alien.

And it looks weird on the render. I dunno how to use lighting properly.

Needs work:
Textures are rather low-res, and not particularly detailed.
Feet look weird. Not sure if this is deliberate, to make it more alien.
Seems very flat. I can tell you modeled this from a 2d drawing, because the depth is very crude.
The proportions seem off from human. The torso is far too long relative to the legs, and the head seems too small for the neck. Again, this could be an artistic choice, to make it more non-human, but I, personally, would shorten the torso and scale up the head.

Good points:
The legs have some good details on them. The knees look particularly well-done.
The head looks pretty good. Might just be the low-contrast texture, but it looks good in this render.

The wireframe and proportions make me want to kill someone.

Textures were intentionally low-res, needs to work with gmod :D. Agree that it requires more detail, though im not sure what.

Originally, the feet had two toes, but i removed them because it needed to look like an armoured shoe. Any ideas how i could make the feet become “more”?

Actually, this isnt based on a drawing at all, its all done from a crude image in my head. Il snap a more angled pic from perspective view.

Well, i did try to make it seem alien, but the thing is i cant get it good, so it kinda moved toward a pretty human appearance…

Also, totally not normal-mapped.

GMod can handle higher resolution. Try 1024x1024.

As for the feet, try making them arch a bit. Look at the bottom of your shoes - it’s not flat, it’s a curve.

For the depth thing, try working on it from a side view instead of from the front. Remember, spines aren’t straight - they do a sort of s-curve from the side. Puff out the chest a bit more, while you’re at it.

Okay, will do that :slight_smile:

You mean arch upward or sideways?

Also, heres a closeup on the eye.

Boring bland texture. You should add:
Bumpmap + Secular map.
And higher quality textures.

Place both of your palms together. Do you see the black line between them? That’s ambient occlusion. where the armour goes against the skin, there should be a dark outline where the two surfaces touch. Try adding some unique details to the skin, don’t just run a noise filter on it, and watch which vertexes are hard-edge. but all in all, a nice idea and I look froward to seeing it ingame.