artsy fartsy nick shows off his new condo/studio

can’t decide if it is either a studio or a condo

Thats very fartsy right there.

Wait a moment…is that a little girl???
… Nick lives in rapture.

If thats true the windows are fake.

If has money to buy all that stuff, he should buy her daughter some shoes :colbert: And his coffee is on fire!!!

A scenebuild?

we could say he had her in rapture, and took one of the signs and brought it back home with him.


I couldn’t find any good coffee steam

Its fine just tone down the steam. So there isn’t as much.

Nick is a pedophile.

Little girl : “Mr? Was showing me your condo the only reason you kidnapped me?”

I like the steam coming from the coffee cup

He beats his child. You can tell by the ripped shirt and marks on her.

I assume this is a scenebuild… this is incredible. How did you get shadows to work on another prop?

FFFFUUUU! Just noticed Chompski over there.

Someone left their cigarette in the coffee mug.

that means alot…really. :biggrin:
well for the shadows and lighting i used lamp tool and shined it through the windows from the outside of the room

nicks rich, which tells us hes a good gambler and such

btw for all the poses with nick and a child, whos the mother???

i will get to that tommorow