"Artyom? What do you have there?" Rangers exploring



You spelled Artiom wrong.


Okay picture, also.

Nice one.

Nice pic, I like the color settings and the angle.

Also, in your other thread you said this models were released… Might tell me where? :stuck_out_tongue:

Release section :v:

That’s how you spell it…

nope,it IS Artyom

Then either the Swedish book is altered, or the English one is. Because I have it right in front of me and it clearly states Artiom.

Nice. I like the atmosphere.

Did I mention it was all in-game? :3:

you got the english or swedish one?

my guess is swedish because even in the american version of the GAME it’s spelled Artyom

His fingers are strong for being able to hold that helmet like that

Different Translators make different altercations.

Oh look, he departs for several days and comes back.

Yes because once you leave you can never go view peoples works even if they ask you to do so.

oh wait i didn’t see the fingers underneath the helmet

what the hell are you doing here?
aren’t you gone from here?

didn’t you wish to leave?



It’s spelled Artyom. And this is sexy.

Nice models.