As a number of bystanders watch intently, Mileena launches a powerful kick at Jade.

More or less a remake of a previous pic. Wasn’t very satisfied with the previous ones.


Nick been learning from dat mastah Frank West - FANTASTIC! :v:

100+ PP “Erotic”

That’s gotta be at least 1000 PP right there.


I’ve covered cat fights y’know.

I’m not trying to be a bitch or anything, but I’d like to see something from Ubanator that isn’t held up by tits.

Good to see Nick is pursuing a legitimate job in photography after the apocalypse

Urbanator. Another way to describe a “win”.

Bring it!

That photographer in the backround is nice too.


Stop hatin’

only thing i hate is the hair that flows from mileena’s leg :v:
(I know that’s from jade.)

That background pose of nick is priceless.

It’s really pretty, but your pics are starting to look all the same.

I’ll make sure to have less on display next time (since you have a problem with that). :v:

Thanks, but what would you suggest I should change? My editing style completely? Posing? Angles?
Would you care to be more descriptive? Saying just all my pics look the same isn’t really helping me.

I assume you’re talking about Mileena and Stoke pose, right? Can I ask you why?

Speaking about this picture, it looks sweet, yeah – the posing is good, lightning is pretty cool, but I like it a little bit less than the previous ones. It has more details as well as combat scene looks more dynamic, but for me it’s also more chaotic and… senseless, maybe.

And, yeah, agreed with Joazzz, your last pics look pretty similar. Probably you should concentrate on detailed runs, like the recent one with Alma.

However, once again, nicely done here, bro. I’m sure you’ll still raise the bar for few times.

I dunno, something just didn’t sit right with me about the previous pic. I think it was the general pose of Mileena more then anything.

Well it is a fight scene - kinda ment to be chaotic. :v:
I understand what you mean. I hoped the superdof would make it less chaotic. Might have to tone down the lighting next time.

I figured people wanted to see more, erm, bigger scaled pics? I guess I’ll have to mix it up a bit. Thanks though!

The colours are straight from the Rainbowy Candyland and the bloom is starting to look dull.

So you think I should use less colours in my lighting and use less bloom?
If I saturated the pic anymore, I dunno, it just looks worse imo. But I could always use less colours.
Bloom is staying though. I louuurve it. :v: