As a truckload of donuts explodes...

There’s two verions of this screenshot,I couldn’t chose which one I liked best so I uploaded both.Just a small difference within them.

lol cause hes fat

I lold.
But G-Mod exploses are shitty.

more like the effect from half-life 2…

…mmm, rocket donuts…

Flaming Donuts :slight_smile:

OMFG!!! R.P.D ( Rocket Propelled Donuts ) Nice I lol’d

Oh no the donuts! I hope they’re all ok.

If they aren’t powdered donuts screw em all


And there were no Officers on duty that day.

Don’t be sad, Larry.

god damn dude, the funniest picture I have seen in a good time. 9/10 I loved it so much I saved it :smiley: