As a weekend player whats the point with decay?

So, someone who only plays on the weekend, every time they log on anything they have done or created is basically gone.

There needs to be something done about decay maybe increasing it to 1 week to at least give people who play on weekends who have families time to log in and repair walls and doors.

Or maybe Give new players 1 shack and 1 door that are indestructible with a long decay rate. A safe haven.

If the game was really about survival then anyone who died would lose everything. because you are spawning as a new person you wouldn’t be able to access that other persons house.
So why not give everyone a safe place.

if you play on pvp server then decay is not that big problem…

Actually, the doors don’t decay until after a week. You aren’t building shelters, right? Shelters decay after 12 hours I believe… they are temporary.

Anyways, if this is such a big concern, find a non-sleeper server. This means that when you respawn, all items are on you.

I haven’t been on a server that isn’t PVP.

Common play
Go out kill pigs and gather wood and ore. avoid other players because everyone is generally an ass

  • " good to know in advance that this is what would happen in society if everything went to crap"
    Make shack, door, campfire, sleeping bag.
    get more material to craft workbench and furnace and another shack and door.
    more wood more wood more wood - stones stones stones. day is over log out come back next weekend.

spawn in random area because someone either
1 broke in and killed me in my sleep or
2 door decay and someone came in and killed me.

Find old shack everything gone. - shelters do not decay after 12 hours - if they did the servers would not be littered with them. First server I tried over 2 weeks ago still has my shelter on it.

log out go play something else

You can’t find 5 minutes to login every few days to keep your house?

yeaaaaaaah , im with crunch how difficult is it to log in and do some maintenance and then stop and go back to sleep.

besides if time is such an issue with the op , he most certainly picked the wrong genre of games

decay should be halted entirely (or much longer grace period) if there is a sleeper/boxes with loot on the structure

lower grace period for structures without sleepers/boxes with loot

this way, unfinished shit goes away quicker, and more ‘active’ houses will be around

I agree with decay in that it keeps the load down on the server. but i think instead of it being linked with a time frame, instead it should be linked to Player log-in frequency and actual usage.

Also I think this should count with all structures placed by a specific player.