As sign up?

and tried to log into my steam account and will not be telling me this:
That account doesn’t seem to own GMod.
If it does - it’s set to private, please make it public for this process and try again.
Pardon my ignorance but I am again with this register in

A: do you have a pirated gmod? (aka, non steam gmod)if so, STOP BEING CHEAP AND BUY THE 10 DOLLAR GAME.
B: is it set to private? if so, change it to public.

to start I thought it was a game garrysmod the network that you download and nomas ya, did not know you had to buy it as all pc games.
ok anyway thanks for letting me know to be purchased.

Could you fix your grammar? also, yeah, you have to buy it to download things for it.


haha I am translating, I speak Spanish not English, sorry if I mistranslated google.

Wait, I need money to buy things on the internet?

Garry certainly made the right decision.

if I have money that happens is that I can not buy from here in Mexico.