"As I look over this warzone..." Friendly merc stands by his car in Africa

Inspired by Far Cry 2.

Fingerposing is wierd, I know, because the tools were going kabolie.


Original: http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt157/resistance77_2009/gm_flatgrass20080001.jpg

Nice picture, reminds me of Farcry 2.

you should probably remove that light behind him.


would be really cool if there was a sun and some direct shadows too.

Sun would make this picture epic.
Anyways its very cool :smiley:

About to be uploaded, I just used the supernova tool for the sun



Looks nice, I like the editing and little scene build.

:hurr: Sun makes this picture epic.

It’s good, but it remindes me of Kansas.

Poor guy. His spine is totally dead.

I do like for some reason. Nothing’s wrong with the picture.

Any more comments?

I like it but you need some form of visible strap from the weapons… they just look glued to his back.