"As I wandered the apocalypse, I wondered what could have been."

Long time since I’ve made a thread, and I like this one, so I thought “Why not.:v:


All CC an that stuff is welcome.

Oh, hello, Faraon.


posing is really strange, not sure what you’re trying to achieve with the pose.

lighting is really good though. overall good job.

I guess that I was trying to get a bit of a half-casual feel, but it seems I failed.

Well I’ll be sure not to do that in my next poses.

Looks like I found a new desktop background/Screen Saver.

Awesome work!, One of your best yet!

The posing isn’t so shocking to me. It just looks like the guy is re-arranging his 3-point chest-strapped rifle.

Btw the gun looks oversized but it’s cool since it’s dark and not so easy to recognize.

A bit too dark

Looks like night vision in dark blue theme.

Haha kind of.
I thought of a weak light from the moon.

Pretty cool lighting but it’s really the only saving grace of an otherwise lousy picture.

God is an astronaut is a fucking great artist, but they’re too synthey and spacey sounding for a post apocalyptic pose. Earth or Godspeed You! Black Emperor would be more appropriate (as far as post-rock goes that is).

Will keep in mind :v:
But do tell why it’s otherwise lousy

Not enough headroom, painfully oversized AK (prop resizer is your friend), Arm grabbing the rifle has really awkward posing. (For that matter, who the hell holds a rifle like that?)

Kay thanks.