as of today's patch you can no longer rotate stairs?

I didn’t see it in the patch notes. I tested with a cupboard 2 feet away and the option to rotate is there but still greyed out. I hope this is just an unintended bug.

Triangle panels are the same way.

Stairs were being exploited, it would be a welcome change. Helk was talking about the stair rotation in a negative manner on the rustafied server recently, so my guess would be it’s intentional (for stairs anyway)

Hope the roof block are still rotatable. getting tired of walking the edge just to place them.

So far not that much seems able to be rotated. Walls are, so far i know, the only thing being able to rotate.

Weird thing is that you can rotate walls without a cupboard.

ya i was locked out of my house today cause i had stairs right at my door but could not rotate them lol :<

only walls and doors can be rotated.

Really sucks that I can’t get a good wood pattern on my floor without trying to position yourself just right to get the grain going in the right direction.

Ahh you’re as bad as me, i like to line up the grain too. :smiley:

Recently if you upgraded the triangle foundation to Top Tier it would rotate leaving you with a messed up irreparable floor. Been patched now though

I spent as little time inside my base as I could last night because of this. Was going to keep my upper floors wood, but because of this and the OCD meltdown it caused, I just made my floors stone.

Well that sucks. Rotating stairs let me make small secure shacks until I had a code lock, and allowed me to make little secret rooms to stash stuff in. Of all the exploits this seemed like the most benign.

dunno, how much health do stairs have compared to doors?:wink:

Well, that was a bonus!

You can also build without a cupboard, same difference. The cupboard doesn’t “grant” any privileges, it simply blocks building by anyone not authorised, once deployed.

Of all things they could have removed from the game to prevent exploits, this seems kind of dumb and ineffective. So people were rotating stairs to block access to a rock base, second floor, or to hide a hidden room. Big deal. Now you leave said stairs made of twig and destroy / rebuild them after use instead at a cost of 10 wood. Doesn’t seem like this was any kind of improvement.

it was removing an exploit. regardless of how benign it is considered, it gave you a “door” with more health than you are supposed to have for the resource cost.

I can see why they did it, but the end result is it didn’t do much of anything in the end. I’m still scratching my head as to why they removed the ability to rotate floor tiles though.