As roots and tendrils coil around and hold her in place, Alma reaches out to the Lieutenant.

Deviantart have dropped Jill, since she’s had the living shit kicked out of her - now Stokes is in the firing line.
Fortunatly this first piece (one of four planned) is surprisingly mild.


Probably a bit of cropping could have been done here, and while I personally would have done the picture in a widescreen format,
they wanted this particular imagesize and admitidly, it probably works better.

Now that is a fuckin nice screen shot.

You have no idea what pain I am about to cause you with my doll

I read the title. I thought you were describing tentacle rape.

Even the title is deviantart-ish :v:

Damn Urbanator. Your screenshots are amazing.

DAMN! That screenshot is hands down bad-ass.

Damn. Urbanator Why are you screen shots always so sleek and sexy!.

I was just playing FEAR.

Hehehe… oh I can already see where this is going

now impregnate her


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what a messed up game

I have never witnessed Such * Beauty and Brutality*.

Simply amazing.

Nice faceposing on Stokes.

Cool stuff.

Yeah, the plot is so convoluted, particularly in the third game, that it often left me baffled.

Gracias for the comments yall!


'Nuff said.