"As the heart stops beating..." PMC shot in the head.

I felt something weird when editing this one, dunno why.


Take a moment to compare the two images; http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/16561

Pretty nice. Great camera angle and depth-of-field.

Thread title says PMC but this fella has a winged dagger on his armour.

Fucking great editing and angle.

Really nice, Mate.

I seem to have a thing for good angles.

And thanks, both 'o ya

The picture looks awesome


Thank you, guys :3:

Nice pic.


you’re not German…

Great editing and posing, your screenshots are gettings boring action wise though.

Way to steal Santas statement, “Furbrain” :downs:

Well, I agreed with him and nobody else said anything about it…

What’s wrong with some calm in all this chaos?

Next picture will involve action, I promise.

I love the cracks in the glass. Nice job.

I like the glass crack. Good job.

Holy shit nice edit lad…

Tiss be pretty awesome bro.

Thanks yous.


Overcontrasted, i think.

Think this one is a bit better


Looks nice.