As They Come


My first space battle attempt. I’m pretty satisfied but still failed contrast and highlights. Comments are very appreciated!

P.S. I decided to use non-mass effect ships as well, think it doesn’t interfere seriously.

Well we’re fucked.

Allow me to use the last seconds of our very existance to say, your picture is really good. I like.

composition is reeeeaaally chaotic and painful. i guess that could be seen as a good point by some but not by me. the silhouettes of all the ships merge into each other and i can’t tell what the hell is going on

points for improvement:
use atmospheric perspective to define depth and distance from the viewer
decide what you want the focus of your picture to be from the start. add the most detail, sharpness, colour and contrast to this bit

I see. Tried it but didn’t succeed actually. Anyway, thank you very much for the info!

Most of the effects look pasted-on and cartoony. Good examples would be the lasers, the trails from the fighters and the explosion in the foreground, which suddenly just fades into nothingness.

this actually looks very good though it makes me wonder if those ships are from ethernal silence, freelance or other ships

Space battles are cool.

You know sometimes effects are good and all but it looks in this pic like too much is going on at the same time making it kind of difficult to focus on anything

I kind of like the chaotic sense of it. I was staring at this picture for quite a while to make sure I absorbed every detail. Made me feel much more involved and curious as to what was going on, and allowed me to whip up my own back story.

Also, purdy colors.


That is a lot of editing in one picture good job

I see Mass Effect spaceships, me like:v:

Honestly, I thought it was a page out of a comic book because of the effects and the over-all style. It looks good, but not perfect.

I do, however, like how chaotic and random it feels, as that’s how a fight of this scale and in this context would be chaotic and random.

Ok, I guess the main problems are clear, thanks for comments and criticism all!

F*ck me! This is AMAZING.