I never posted 1.0 or 1.2 on here but you can act as if i did. Any CC is appreciated.

Added a new room (technically 2) & tunnel, lighting, and some other minor details.


32 player max
2 Story main building
-spawn zone (first floor)
-sniper/overlooking room (second floor)
Service tunnels
-Below main level
-Slightly flooded
-Storage Rooms
-.tunnel connecting each (80% flooded)

-Better lighting fixed in 2.0
-Add 2 symmetric side tunnels (to the main tunnel) that are partially, 50%+, or completely floodedadded new rooms and tunnel in 2.0
-Forts need a lot more details still working on
-Any suggestions you may have

What do the as and bvx mean at the start of the name?

It looks like you just put random props in some rooms.

Pretty blocky and bland. No detail in the map at all. Needs more texture variation, better geometry and better lighting.

I think it means assault

Some props in a couple rooms full of repeating textures and bad lighting.

-Don’t just spam random props everywhere.
-Use correct player scale
-Add Door Frames
-Move the light entities away from the wall
-Use different textures for the rock wall
-Use displacements for the rock wall

This map is just like the 1,125,991,532 others on FPSB.

Lol, thanks for the input. Props and detail are my current focuses… and i forgot about displacements for the last update.

A good map is supposed to tell a story look at ALL the valve maps in all maps you can see a little bit of back story to it. Act if you’re map is in a world NOT some arena.

Let me just use the patented |Yucca| list here:

-Bad texturing
-Unoriginal idea
-Bad lighting and skybox

Not to be rude or anything, but all of those points apply in this map.
I suggest you start by changing the borders of the map to something more realistic.

<Insert Jukka K’s list here>

Not too bad. Still a little blocky and maybe lighting could be improved. Good work though.