Hey, I’m working on a short Alien Swarm campaign level named “Hive Mind”. I’m not sure yet though, I wasn’t feeling creative when I came up with the name.

Anyway, I started recently and I’ll be posting new pictures and videos until release.

Updates that aren’t in the pictures:
Moved ship
Fixed fire looking gay
Changed rain to snow
Extended on to the next indoor area

New pictures coming as I do big updates

Pictures :


Bare in mind, I still have to :
Tweak the lighting
Maybe change the ship around so it’s at a more viewable angle.

The picture is broken for me

Yeah, sorry, fixed it now.

It’s really crappy at the moment, but I started earlier today and I was kinda busy too, so basically, that’s only about 15 minutes work right now.

You should of waited till you made more progress before making the thread.

Just what I thought.

Don’t be hasty with creating new threads unless you already have some progress and content, if you make progress post it in pimpage mapping thread, let’s say you are done 50-60% with the map and then you make a thread, so people will comment on your work and give you ideas.

Good point :confused:

Sorry, first time posting maps.

Made the same mistake long time ago, don’t worry about it.

How can I get the particles from AS into the particle viewer in the editor, so I can see what particle I’m choosing?

Need to be able to do it instead of trial and error.