ASAmod - Advanced Server Administration Modification

I’ve been working on this admin mod FROM SCRATCH for about a little more than a month. Since I’ve gotten some progress done, I thought I’d show my audience.


Live Control Panel:




What I’m trying to make is the most diverse admin mod ever released. It has a versatile plugin system with many utility functions so anyone can create a plugin that can do anything with the mod.

Another great thing is, this admin mod can be either extremely lightweight, or one hefty badass admin mod for those sandbox lovers.

Every command can either be executed from the menu, chat, or console.

I’ve got a few original ideas for this, but I’m going to need some help from the people who actually own the servers.

** ASA ** Mod

looks at username


Less flashy graphics, more practicality, if you rate me dumb, good, that means i can live in the box.

The logo and other stuff look pretty bad. You should change those.

Scoreboard looks shit.

Yeah, scoreboard font is awful.

User Experience Guidelines are something I suggest you learn. It’s not a big deal you don’t know them, almost no one who creates any user interface for Garry’s Mod knows how to do it correctly, I don’t know all of the guidelines by heart myself.

Essentially, look at the way Derma is currently styled and used in the game, and replicate it’s aesthetics. Third-party design work is great, but if it doesn’t conform to a style in which the end-user is already familiar with, then you create a new mental barrier for them to break down, and eventually get the hang of your specific layout. It also destroys fluidity between user interfaces, making the addon seem far too divided from the actual game.

Just my two cents. I enjoy your idea, follow through.

DPropertySheets inside a DPropertySheet? Might want to re-think that a little.

Care to explain? I don’t see the problem except for an unnecessary extra click…

I would just want the scoreboard and not the actual mod :confused: I think it looks quite nice, in a unique way.

Looks pretty unprofessional. Easiest way to do it is have a DCollapsibleCatagory inside the sheet.

Title reminds me of those knockoff DVDs that are made to resemble current blockbusters, like that Transmorphers thing :byodood:

I figured my font sucked :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to make a real unique scoreboard, something never made before. Any ideas? lol

And I use property sheets inside another cause it’s more organized, idk lol


Lol I’m def debating dropping this whole thing…

Scoreboards don’t have X buttons using derma
Font is awful, can barely read
You don’t need to surround everything with a big black border
Your color choices are awful
You’re trying to use the wrong fonts in the wrong places
Everything doesn’t have to have a tacky texture
You’re trying to mix custom, ugly vgui with derma
Half of your vgui elements have no align rules
Your X on the close button is not centered
Your line breaks look like blurry mspaint marks
Your vgui is just completely mixed together and is impossible to use
Your apply buttons are off center


Thanks for the tip dude, I’ll try and fix those.

Can I got some ideas for admin features? Like I’m gonna edit the chat so you can right click on players names from the chat like in WoW.


And the close button on the scoreboard is a developers thing, it’s toggled by the tab button like normally.

Fully customisable usergroups.

I agree, a fully in-game customisable usergroups would be nice =)

And luckily, such a system is easy to implement. I did it in FlapMin, but the release date got pushed back (again) from the fact I now have three servers to code for, and two to manage, plus exams.

Don’t drop it unless you know there is no way you’re ever going to finish it. And you will finish it if you try

Well, as a graphic designer, I can tell you font is extremely important. Watch this for some inspiration:

Just a quick post, I gotta run, but I thought I’d drop this here for you to ponder over.

Remember! Your user interface, fonts, and themes define an identity for your addon! :smile:

That’s why I’m trying to make something different. lol